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Arable weed flora in the Western Siberian grain belt

  • Between Ekaterinburg and Nowosibirsk, in the Western Siberian grain belt, spring wheat is grown on fertileChernozem soils. Field and farm sizes are large but the land-use intensity per area is low compared to CentralEurope. Fertilizers and pesticides are applied only in low to moderate quantities and yields range between 10and 20 dt ha-1 . We studied the arable weed flora in the northern forest steppe zone of Tyumen region using arandomized sampling design. Surprisingly, the species richness was only moderate, on average 9.8 ± 3.8species per 100 m². Compared to weed communities of Bashkiria (Southern Ural) and less intensively usedarable land of Central Europe these numbers are rather low. Moreover, most of the recorded species werecosmopolitans or widely distributed throughout the temperate zone. We suggest that the land use intensitywas high enough to reduce the density of a number of weed species in a way that they were not registered byour random sampling design. The limited conservational value of the weed vegetation of large grain fields inTyumen leads to the conclusion that if intensification of land use is unavoidable, it should be directed to arableland and not to ex-arable land or ancient grassland, which is of higher conservation value.

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Author:Immo Kämpf, Norbert Hölzel, Insa Kühling, Kathrin KiehlORCiD
Title (English):Arable weed flora in the Western Siberian grain belt
Parent Title (English):Tagungsband 27. Deutsche Arbeitsbesprechung über Fragen der Unkrautbiologie und –bekämpfung
Document Type:Report
Year of Completion:2016
Release Date:2023/11/13
First Page:76
Last Page:83
27. Deutsche Arbeitsbesprechung über Fragen der Unkrautbiologie und –bekämpfung ; Braunschweig, Deutschland ; 2016.02.23-25
Faculties:Fakultät AuL
DDC classes:500 Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik / 500 Naturwissenschaften
Review Status:Veröffentlichte Fassung/Verlagsversion